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Add your Hotel or Holiday rental property to our Network

Welcome to the network portal, the best online travel resource.
If you own or manage a hotel, rental property like an apartment or villas either for tourists or business customers.   Are you looking for more bookings, and need to increase your profile, then you can work directly with our network and manage your property details, prices, availability and marketing  directly online via our hotel and property  management console.  

Travel Destination Targeted Sites. 
Our Targeted Sites network will place your hotels in front of the correct audience by targeting the destination as well as our global partners network.  This drives more customers to a website with relevant content where they are more likely to book and view your property.

Flexible Pricing and Revenue Management. 
With our system we can offer a fully flexible pricing and rates structure along with a easy to use interface which will assist you in your revenue management for your Hotel.  The system can be setup to take into account your busy and not so busy periods to drive more customers when you need them.  From different settings our system calculates a promotional level which determines the placement and thus how much business can be driven to your hotel or holiday rental property.  

Some of the benefits of our network. 
Some of the key benefits of our system :
       * Free for travel partners and Agents to access and use.
       * Intuitive and targeted websites network. 
       * Direct booking engine. 
       * Using latest technology and other new developments being added to keep you ahead.
       * Free to use at point of access.

Advanced integration. 
We can use XML webservices to integrate your price and availability data directly into our system and keep customers informed of when they can book your rooms. More features being added all the time. 

Sign up today and start filling more rooms. 

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